BUILD UU Philippines is dormitory construction program of the UU Church of the Philippines (UUCP) that will provide safe, affordable housing for young university women. It will allow the national church to become a financially self-sustaining religious movement.

Congratulations Lee!!

“All that Training Paid Off!”
says Lee Boeke Burke as she finishes
the Alcatraz to Swim for the Filopino Dorm

Her efforts brought in $14,000 for the project.

Letter from Lee Boeke Burke

Lee Boeke Burke

Lee Boeke Burke training for the swim.

Hi All,

Amidst all our autumn busyness, the time to register for the 2012 March trip to the Philippines is fast upon us.

This year the UUCP will be extraordinarily busy in the spring with the ICUU Meeting in Feb and pre and post meeting tours. Yet, the March trip is very much in play and we are enthusiastically looking forward to this visit. I have attached the itinerary for the March trip which has seen some adjustments since last time I sent it out.

If you would like to be a part of the March trip, please register soon. With all of the UUCP busyness earlier in the spring, it will be important for Nihal to be able to work on arrangements early ( that plus we will visit during peak season)

Any questions?  Please contact Lee Boeke Burke,  915 1667,

UUs Raise Funds for Filipino Church

UUWorld August 22, 2011

By Julia Angley

The Rev. Fredric John Muir, of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Annapolis, Md., wrote a book and sent a copy to every minister in the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Len Pellettieri of the First UU Church of San Diego, Calif., worked for 10 months to produce a 15-minute informational video.

And Lee Boeke Burke of the Fox Valley UU Fellowship in Appleton, Wisc., is training to swim 1.25 miles across San Francisco Bay in September.

Each of them has donated time and talent to raising awareness about the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Philippines (UUCP).

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New Video on Founding of UUCP

Len Pellettieri has produced a new video about the founding of the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Philippines and how it reflects the values of Jose Rizal, the father of the Philippines.  You can watch it here.

Project Overview

The purpose of BUILD UU Philippines is to create a stable financial future for the UU Church of the Philippines, Inc. by constructing The Quimada Center, a two story residence with capacity to house 180 young women students from the four universities nearby.  It would include a cafeteria, wifi, atrium space, a roof terrace, a BBQ area and laundry. Additionally it would house two meeting rooms and a nearby building for UUCP offices and 2 guest rooms. Not only will it help young women to live and study in a safe, nourishing environment, but the income will help the UUCP to create education programs for all ages, develop new congregations and become a financially self-sustaining national religious organization. The meeting rooms, office and guest rooms will help the UUCP further its mission of community outreach and theological training.